Society for Neuroscience 2013

At the Neuroscience 2013 meeting, Narishige will be displaying equipment that offers new possibilities for experiments with small animals.

Our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have and/or help you with choosing the correct equipment for your application.

Special Discount Offer

There will be a one-time special show discount at the show site. Please drop by our booth and request a quotation with the 10% discount (Some restrictions apply).

Observation under the microscope

With the development of the microscopes deeper observation into the brain is now possible. Narishige would like to offer an animal head holding device that can be placed under the microscope. Before experiments that used to be performed on sliced cerebral tissue can now be performed on live animals bringing about more accurate result.

Custom-made Head Holding Device #1

Custom-made Head Holding Device #1

This custom-made system is part of the stereotaxic instrument and yet can be placed under the scope in the field of view so that the result from the stereotaxic experiment can be re-examined under the microscope. Considering the immovability of the microscope that is loaded with heavy laser systems, we can offer the isolation table which moves smoothly and effortlessly with the specimen and its devices on it. Also, the sub stage can be added on to it for cell/tissue observation on the culture dish. These are some examples that we offer as a possibility for modifying the equipment according to your needs.

Custom-made Head Holding Device #2

Custom-made Head Holding Device #2

This system is a combination of various equipment making it possible to perform injection into the brain and observing under the stereo microscope at the same time.

There is a variety of equipment available so as to create your own unique system. Also, we can always modify existing equipment to suit your needs.

Custom-made Head Holding Device #3

Custom-made Head Holding Device #3

With this system, the specimen can be angled while it is fixed to the device. It swings side to side by control knob while the specimen is observed under the microscope. Movement is quite smooth and can be set to move in one direction only or in two separate directions.

This system is made based on the MAG-1 (Simple Head Holder Plate) which can be modified various ways. For example, it can be custom-made to hold specimen by the ear-bar and mouth-piece.

SR-9M Stereotaxic Instrument for Chronic Experiments on mice

MAG-1 Simple Head Holder Plate for mice

MAG-1 Simple Head Holder Plate for mice

SR-9M is a new Stereotaxic Instrument designed for chronic experiments on mice. The chamber frame is glued onto the specimen placed on the stereotaxic instrument enabling the experiment performed freely by just using the frame. The frame allows restoring the original position on the stereotaxic instrument which makes it suitable for chronic experiments.

In addition, the visual and auditory experiments are possible when the mouth-piece and ear-bar are removed.

MAG-1 is a simple, compact type stage whereby only the chamber frame is used. It is suitable for simple experiments and can be placed under the microscope.

Numerous other equipment will be displayed at our booth such as manipulators for patch clamp, chronic experiments, simple & compact type, pipette puller and proto-type equipment.

Please come and give us your opinion.

Carry in Service Center

Basic maintenance service is available at our booth. We will provide overhaul for your equipment brought in to the show site*. It is a good chance to have maintenance on your equipment while you are attending the meeting.

* Should it require parts or is a complicated repair, we will estimate the cost of the repair. You can decide to send it in for repair to our NY office.

We look forward to seeing you at the Neuroscience meeting!