Neuroscience 2016 at San Diego, CA
/ November 13 - 16

Narishige Booth # 2329/2432

At our booth, the staff will answer any questions you may have and/or help you choose the correct equipment for your application.

Narishige Booth # 2329/2432

Stereotaxic Instruments SMM series Brain Injection Chronic Experiments Patch-clamp Set Microforge Hydraulic Micromanipulators Carry-in Service Center

Narishige offers Stereotaxic Instruments with unique and original quality that is suitable for individual needs and style. It is easily inter-changeable for usage with rats, mice or common marmosets, and can be used for acute or chronic experiments.

SMM-100/ SMM-200/ Stereotaxic Micromanipulator is made for not only animal experiments with traditional method of acute/chronic experiments or electro-physiological recording, but also new method of multi-photostimulations and silicon probes. Released this year, new holders of SMM-HA, SMM-HB, SMM-HC, SMM-HD, and SMM-A become useful tools to open up the option for SMM series. If you are looking for a tool for gripping neural probes, SMM-HA and SMM-HB will be worth your attention. SMM-HD is a versatile holder which can be used for installing a hydraulic manipulator: MO-10 or a glass-syringe on SMM series.

IMS-20 Motorized Stereotaxic Microinjector which has simple design with easy operation, and is suitable for experiment with brain injection.

SR-9M-HT and SR-10R-HT Stereotaxic Instruments for Chronic Experiments on mice/rats are equipped with a Chamber Frame that is going to be glued onto the head of the specimen. To hold the specimen, conventional three-point fixation or chamber frame fixation can be chosen. Imaging and/or behavioral experiments with operant devices such as reward system/camera are possible by simply removing the mouthpiece and ear bars. This advanced system is a Narishige original and one of the best features we offer. Head Holding Devices, MAG-1, MAG-2, MAG-3, are designed to be used for experiments that do not require stereotaxic fixation such as in vivo two-photon chronic imaging. These products can be customized for your needs.

EMM-3NV will be improved as a new model in 2017. If you are interested in new motorized products, please stop by at the Patch-clamp Set, and experience our trial model. The NAC-1O/NAC-1N is a Perfusion Chamber Set which can be used under the microscope as part of the perfusion system and offers excellent condition for live cell. CAT-1 Tube Clamper keeps the perfusion tubing in place for the best positioning for a variety of applications.

MF-830 Microforge will also be on display for researchers who make their own electrodes and/or micropipettes for injection.

***Carry-in Service Center***

Basic maintenance service will be available at our booth. We will provide overhaul for the Narishige equipment brought to our booth*. You can have your equipment checked out while you are attending the meeting.

* Should parts be required or it is a complicated repair, we will provide an estimate of the cost of repair. If you approve the cost, we will take the equipment to our NY office for repair.

***Special Discount Offer***

There will be a one-time special discount at the show site. Please drop by our booth and request a quotation for 10% discount (Some restrictions apply).

We look forward to seeing you at the Neuroscience meeting!