Neuroscience 2019 at Chicago, IL,
/ October 20 - 23

Narishige Booth # 1073

Come see us!

At our booth, the staff will answer any questions you may have and/or help you choose the correct equipment for your application.

Narishige offers Stereotaxic Instruments that are interchangeable for rats, mice or common marmosets, and can be used for acute or chronic experiments.

This year, we are introducing new ideas that we designed as trial products recently. Mainly we display a head-fix type stereotaxic instrument, which is optimized with locomotion wheel for awake mice. If you are looking for tools for the experiment, as well as new gizmo such as holder for optical cannula/lens, and more, meet our staff about them.

SMM-100 / SMM-200 Stereotaxic Micromanipulator is especially useful for multiple photo-stimulations and use of silicon probes.

SMM-HA, SMM-HB, SMM-HC, SMM-HD, SMM-HE and SMM-A Holders are available as useful tools for SMM series.

SMM-HA and SMM-HB are great when paired with neural probes. SMM-HD is a Multiuse Holder for hydraulic manipulators such as MO-10 / MO-82, injection holders (4mm OD) and glass syringes (10mm OD or less). SMM-HE Multiuse Holder is designed to hold the thin objects such as 200µm OD tungsten microelectrodes, up to 4.0mm OD. It is able to hold such as a fiber ferrule of 1.25/2.5mm OD securely, and lets you visually check the implanting tip.

Perfect for Optogenetics

IMS-20 Motorized Stereotaxic Microinjector with simple design offers easy operation that is suitable for experiments with brain injection.

SR-9M-HT and SR-10R-HT Stereotaxic Instruments for Chronic Experiments on mice/rats are equipped with a CF-10 / CFR-1 Chamber Frame (to be glued onto the head of the specimen), which either conventional three-point fixation or chamber frame fixation can be chosen. Imaging and/or behavioral experiments with operant devices such as reward system/camera are possible by simply removing the mouthpiece and ear bars. This advanced system is a Narishige original and one of the best features we offer.

Designed for non-rupture, less-invasive, and easy-to-use stereotaxic fixation

EB-6 Auxiliary Ear Bar for Mice. It is a non-rupture type; less invasive preventing puncture wounds to the eardrum or injury to the ear tube.

Stereotaxic <-> Head-fix

MAG-1 / MAG-2 Head Holding Device is designed to use for experiments that do not require stereotaxic fixation, such as in vivo two-photon chronic imaging. It can be customized by request. MAG-1 Simple Head Holder Plate is useful for the habituation of conscious mice for long-term imaging experiments.

MO-972A Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator (with Stepping Motor) is designed for mid-sized animals, mainly non-human primates, with coarse movement (50mm) by manual control and the fine movement by hybrid, motor and oil hydraulic control (30mm) that remotely operates final approach to the target. The numerical value of the depth to the target is displayed which is useful for recording and/or injection experiments. It is an open chamber type so that multiple drive units (up to three) can be mounted, or grid can be placed.

SH-100 Common Marmoset Chair is designed to secure the common marmoset in place without anesthesia, specifically optimized with 360-degree accessibility for the training. When moving on to in-vivo stereotaxic recording, SH-100A Stage with AP Frame Bars is available to attach stereotaxic micromanipulators. For the surgery of anesthetized animal, SR-5C-HT / SR-6C-HT Stereotaxic Instruments for Common Marmoset is also available. The whole system makes possible to keep the standard reference point identified between the Stereotaxic Instrument and Chair with AP Frame Bars.

Chronic/recording instruments for Common Marmoset

EMM2 Three-axis Motorized Micromanipulator is most suitable for Patch-clamp as it is stable and resistant to drift. Minimum graduation is 5 nano meters. Distance of each axis is indicated by the coordinates with an arbitrary position set as a zero point. Coordinates of 4th axis (T-/diagonal axis) can be displayed once the actual angle has been input.

For Patch-clamp

NAC-1O / NAC-1N Perfusion Chamber Set is to be used under microscope as part of the perfusion system.

CAT-1 Tube Clamper keeps perfusion tubing in place for ideal positioning which is useful for a variety of applications.

We look forward to seeing you at the Neuroscience meeting!