Schedule of Exhibitions

2020 Schedule of Exhibitions

Are you experiencing difficulty in finding equipment with the functions you need for your experiments?

If so, please take advantage of this opportunity to speak with our representatives at the various show sites listed below. Narishige takes orders for custom products, as well as modified products. We will do our utmost to assist you in obtaining the equipment you need.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Dates Exhibitions Place Booth No.
Apr. 5 - 7 Experimental Biology 2020 San Diego, California cancelled
Jul. 5 - 8 ESHRE virtual 36th Annual Meeting - Virtual Booth
Jul. 11 - 15 FENS 2020 Virtual Forum - Virtual Booth
Oct. 17 - 21 ASRM 2020 - cancelled
Oct. 25 - 28 Neuroscience 2020 - cancelled

* Finished Exhibition
* Next Exhibition